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The carb monster is creeping back up…

rarrrr, carbs! mmmm

…and threatening to ruin my workout again this evening. And again, it comes in the form of pizza.

Surprisingly, I’m really good about working out on Fridays (for context, today is essentially Friday for me — no work for this girl tomorrow!). Maybe it’s the laid back feeling of having two and a half days of free time ahead of me, or maybe it’s just wanting to start the weekend off on a good foot. Regardless, I almost always make it to the (nearly deserted) gym on Fridays after work and get in a really good, sweaty workout.

One tip I’ve found to be incredibly helpful in keeping up with my gym “schedule” is packing up my gym bag and taking it to work with me in the morning. It sometimes feels silly, because my gym is literally 3 blocks from my apartment, and to drag this (admittedly cute, but so not matching with my all-black work vibe) pastel purple Puma (alliteration!) duffel all the way down to the Loop with me, only to bring it back and stop just a few streets short of my original starting point point seems…well…like a lot of effort. But, I’ve figured out that if I don’t go to the gym right after work and before getting home, the chances of going drop off severely…almost alarmingly so.

You’ve got dinner…and since dinner is taking a while to cook, well, why not have just a little glass of wine while you wait? And ooh, those chocolate covered pretzels you made for your party over the weekend are still sitting on the counter. They’re small, I can have a few. By this point you’ve already finished your wine, and obviously need another glass to go with dinner. And hey — Jersey Shore is on! Would be nice to lean back on the couch and relax — just a bit! have to go to the gym after this still — while you finish your dinner. Of course, you have to wait for your food to digest before working out and jostling it all in your stomach, otherwise you will just burn the food off and it won’t be effective. Oh my goodness, what’s that? It’s already 9:30? Well, getting your beauty sleep is important, maybe a night off from the gym would be beneficial if you go to sleep early and work out in the morning instead. That would really feel good. I’ll just get into my pajamas and watch a little Netflix on my computer to fall asleep. Wow, this documentary is fascinating…I can’t stop now What? It’s 1:30 in the morning? I really should sleep in tomorrow…can’t be going into work without my wits about me.

Yeah, you all know this game. I can’t be the only one.

But I digress…I actually have my gym bag here at work with me, and I didn’t even forget a sports bra like I did a few weeks ago (but still worked out!). It’s the start of my holiday break, and I have all the tools to start it out healthy – but – my friend Megan is coming over to visit tonight, and we, like always, are already talking about food. Food porn, you know how it goes. We want pizza. If I go to the gym after work, I won’t have time to shower and get ready to head out to dinner with her. Gotta make a choice.

I think pizza wins.

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As much as I love how I feel after a workout (really, what can beat that sweaty, total bad-ass feeling you get walking out of the locker room, like you can take on anything?), I’m finding it harder and harder to get to the gym on a regular basis these days. It’s mostly the dark evenings — when I walk out of the office and it’s already pitch black, I just want to go home and curl up with my two fuzzy kitties.

how could you resist this furry little sleeping beauty?

Sadly, I know better…and I know I have to drag my pokey butt to the gym at least a few times a week. I eat mostly healthy, and I really do like to cook very healthy meals, but by nature, I am an indulger. I love cheese. I love wine. I love carbs. I love pizza. I love tacos. I could go on and on, but you get the idea…. You know how you sort of lull yourself into this delusion that if it’s from Whole Foods — you know, free of GMO-ingredients and whatnot — it’s healthy? Obviously I know better, but I tend to like the really good, quality stuff. The problem is that I have to learn to enjoy it in moderation.

And so, until I can get a little better handle on my portion sizes, I will have to hit the gym regularly to offset that deliciously creamy brie, or that painfully decadent Serrano. Maybe — one day — I can even figure out how to enjoy this stuff and slim down. But in the meantime….it’s gotta be damage control. And for a healthy lifestyle of course :)

Back to my original point, I needed some motivation to get myself to the torture chamber on a particularly sleepy Monday. It’s 6 days until Christmas — I should be sipping egg nog at home, damn it!

Instead, I bribed myself with this after my trip to the store:

this is a little less trashy than US Weekly, right?

Call me crazy, but until I started packing up my desk to head out, I didn’t even realize that it was Jillian Michaels on the cover. Am I the only one who thinks she looks totally different here??

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