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PROOF that I’ve been cookin’ up a storm!

egg white, veggie sausage and Muenster breakfast sammie. HEAVEN!

I wasn’t lying, friends…I’m just lazy. Some photos of the past month and a half or so…enjoy!

a recent bowl of greek yogurt, fruit and flax on a sunny day

a curious onlooker

close-up, mmm

steaks from a recent date night with Amy :)

the finished product, with garlic Naan and a rocket + olive oil + mozz salad

packing...there were SO MANY more boxes than this

French press...

...caramel macchiato!

my audience

parsnip and rutabega fries, a la PBFingers!

fish and chips, PLW-ified!


avocado + goat cheese, magic combination

garlicky Brussels sprouts, emphasis on the garlic :D


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A little sweetness in my day

Sorry for the foul mood yesterday, friends. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m still not in the best mood, but I think a big steamy cup of blueberry green tea will certainly help :)

Julie from PBFingers has a fun post up today about the sweetest thing you’ve ever eaten. Check it out and comment! My personal favorite (although I’m not a big sweets person at all) was a street vendor nutella crepe in Paris…mmm! Also, The Melting Pot has a really tasty Oreo cookie chocolate fondue. It’s insanely rich, but when you combine it with fresh fruit it’s just right.



Mmm…now I have a serious hankering for a Nutella crepe. Thanks a lot, Julie!

So I didn’t spend hours planning a date outfit for tonight — I didn’t even spend one hour. I think I look pretty cute, and I brought some makeup and grooming essentials (hello, blotting papers!) to work so I can freshen up before heading out to meet the mystery man. I have no idea what to expect tonight, but we picked a spot that has a really neat atmosphere and a pretty nifty drink menu, so hopefully that will set the tone for the rest of the date. Also, I don’t think I’ll be eating beforehand, so let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t get hammered and make a fool out of myself…

Lunch today was a can of Trader Joe’s Vegan/GF Organic Split Pea Soup. Very tasty! It’s super low-cal (I think a whole can only has 120 calories or something), but still thick, creamy and delicious. I had about 2/3 or 3/4 of the can. The only problem I found with it was that it was too salty, which seems to be a very common problem among canned soups. I wish they would make a low-sodium version like they do with their black bean soup.

Split Pea Soup Recipesource

I really had no idea I liked split pea soup so much, though! It sort of reminded me as a cross between broccoli and some sort of bean soup. I think I’m going to try making my own at some point, with less salt this time around :) But for a quick and easy lunch that’s light on calories, I give this bad boy two thumbs up! I had a big romaine (bleh!) salad on the side that was just about the same as last night’s, only with about 1 oz of chicken torn up.

Off to finish some work for the day before getting ready for my (not so hot) date. Wish me luck!

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Why I love the health & fitness blogging community

I’m sitting at me desk, hunched over and wearing ridiculously warm (but cute!) tweed/wool dress pants. My brain wants to exercise but my body says, “bleh.”

I took a little mental vacation over to Peanut Butter Fingers where Julie has put up a great list of exercise mantras! A few of her (and my) favorites:

  • You know your limit and this is NOT it. (Meaghan)
  • A body at rest wants to stay at rest. A body in motion wants to stay in motion. (Heidi)
  • No hurt, no mini skirt. (Kelly)
  • When your legs are tired, run with your heart. (Gabriela)
  • You don’t HAVE to exercise. You GET to exercise. (Kimberly)
  • Everyone has 24 hours in one day. What you do with those hours is up to you. Make the most of them! (Jessica)
  • You are just one workout away from a good mood. (Cynthia)

I love this stuff! Keep it comin’!

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