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Lessons learned at 3am

  • If you don’t have a dishwasher, wash your dishes immediately after you use them. Don’t ask, just do it.
  • The smell of curry will linger in a studio apartment for longer than 24 hours.
  • Organic canned pumpkin does not stay in the fridge for as long as you’d think it would.
  • When kiwis go bad and get gooey on the counter, they leave behind a strange, pinkish color.
Hmm. I’m gross. I could say, Yeah, but life got busy! It was the weekend! Yadda yadda yaddah, but no — my kitchen was looking pretty janky. Let’s not let that happen agin, mmkay?
On that note, I have some pictures of gay Twister that are coming up next. I also had a pretty ridiculous weekend involving a bunch of boys from Wisconsin.
Hold on to your seats, gals. When did my life get so crazy?

August 16, 2011 at 6:30 am 3 comments

Night owl

I couldn’t sleep, so I’m up late working and putzing around on the computer.

Three different people I have dated throughout a very long span of time all contacted me within about five minutes of each other tonight (weird), and it is completely distracting me.

And now…I’m looking back on the butterflies and feeling sad. Sigh. I wish things like this got easier. I know I’ve grown up a lot in the past few years, but every time I get my heart broken, I feel like a 15 year-old girl all over again.

Can I send a message out to the Universe — to that wonderful, kind, patient, hilarious and perfect-for-me man out there who is waiting for me, specifically — to hurry up and find me already? This sucks.

August 10, 2011 at 3:27 am 8 comments


Yeah. So I still drank a bit too much.

lady lush

My date last night doesn’t really deserve a full re-cap. I’m not sure I would recap every single detail anyway, regardless of how a date would go, but this one…well, it just needs to be forgotten.

It’s funny how you can surround yourself with pretty good people and forget that there are still so many pretentious a-holes out there. Hah. No, I don’t want to see a picture of your car on your phone, thank you.

I do have to thank this young man, however, for picking up the tab like a “gentleman” (I use this word liberally here), and treating me to some delicious drinks and food at two very tasty establishments. We first went to Sepia in the West Loop which has a really nifty, old-school vibe. It was also filled with white haired dudes in suits accompanied by much younger ladies, but we’ll leave that be….I had their delicious La Brasileña cocktail to start, then a Two Brothers Cane & Ebel and another wheatbeer, the name of which escapes me. Tasty!

We moved on to Gilt Bar and had some fantastic drinks (corn and oil, anyone?) and shared an even more fantastic meal of pork belly, lentils and brussels sprouts cooked with bacon. I never knew I liked brussels sprouts, but I suppose anything is delicious when drenched in bacon fat. Obviously I didn’t take a picture, but I highly recommend this place! We got to sit at the “kitchen bar” at his request as well, which was a fun experience. I ended the meal with a “dessert” of some sort of blood orange vodka something-or-other that was mixed with crushed ice. It tasted like a Tang slushie for grown-ups, and BOY was it good. That adds up to 5 quite strong drinks at this point, and only having food after drink #4. <—- buzzed girl. The whole meal was quite pricey, but thankfully my date picked up the tab.


After stumbling back home and laughing to myself about what a kooky evening I had, I collapsed into bed (not before knocking over a huge glass of water though!) and crashed. I woke up a few times throughout the night (a common effect of alcohol on your sleep cycle), but thankfully used those little interruptions to chug the (leftover) water I had at my bedside, so I woke up feeling just fine and dandy this morning!

Lunch today was the other burrito I picked up from the store, a HUGE cut up “Plain Jane” cucumber and some red seedless grapes. Boring, but tasty. I actually didn’t bring a lunch, and was going to run to the store (not very good budgeting!), but realized I had the extra burrito stashed in the freezer at work, as well as the grapes and cuke. Meal in a flash!

I wasn’t going to take a picture, but Kara started snickering at my snapping away of something else, so you can thank her for my wonderfully crummy photos :)

too many plates!

I am SO tired of seeing these under my desk every day

Have a great rest of your day!

February 9, 2011 at 2:41 pm 1 comment

I’m a lucky lady


One of my wonderful friends decided it probably wouldn’t be ideal to leave me sitting pantsless in my room, topping off an endless glass of cheap wine by myself listening to Coldplay. Generally, I disagree, but I gave up and went out for beers (hah!) and Thai with him and another friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. Bless their hearts for letting me bitch and moan in the backseat the entire ride there.

I had some delicious pad woonsen and a few Goose Island 312s. Totally hit the spot, and they really cheered me up. Thank goodness for good friends :)

After dinner, we headed back to my place and rolled around on the floor with my little rascals and caught up on each others lives, as well as a few goofy blogs. I had another glass (or 3) of wine and tucked myself into bed early. I can’t promise I didn’t listen to some more Coldplay.

In this particular instance (and many others passed, and more to come as well, I’m sure), I was upset about a dude. He did a shitty thing, and it made me feel shitty, and it was a shitty situation. As many times as I’ve dealt with morons, it is still a disappointment at the least and very hurtful at most. Despite the fact that I appreciated this dude being honest about his feelings, he went about them very immaturely and somewhat disrespectfully. I was sad. I still am kind of sad. But after going though all the silly stages of dating so many times, I’ve put together some rules for myself. One of them (which, surprisingly, took quite a long time to learn) is that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay! Men are jerks and make you feel bad sometimes. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent sniffling my way through a box of Kleenex, wondering why I was such a weakling. But really, it’s okay to be sad.

But a clause to that first rule, at least for me, is that you get one day. Maybe two, depending on the severity/length/whathaveyou of the situation. One day to wallow, feel bad for yourself, cry, mope around, listen to sad music, whatever you need to do. But after that day, or those days (if necessary), it’s time to pick yourself up and move the hell on. It’s still okay to be a little bummed out for awhile — hell, it’s natural and NORMAL — but I absolutely refuse to let these sort of things disrupt my life more than they deserve to. In this instance, there isn’t a reason why my life should be disrupted, so I’m speaking in more general terms. I have let horrible dudes cause me to miss class, give up my gym time, and give me really ugly cases of tear-induced puffy eyes. That shit doesn’t fly anymore. So if you’re upset over some jerk who blew you off, didn’t call, or simply said or did something stupid, have your mopey time — but make sure it’s for YOU, not him.

Inhale. Exhale.

Phew! So I was feeling somewhat disheartened last night (see above), and getting my mope on, coming up with all sorts of reasons to feel bad for myself. Or rather, bad about myself. Not permanently, but you know, one of those days. I’ve been working my ass off at the gym and was beginning to think it wasn’t really paying off, but then, aha! I put on a pair of pants this morning that I had bought recently and they were noticeably looser! BAM! I love little moments like that. And just like that, I am inspired to get my (noticeably less jiggly) ass back on the wagon and back to the gym after work today. I didn’t really fall off, but it’s nice to notice a payoff.

Back to work I go, lovelies. Catch ya on the flip side.

January 19, 2011 at 10:35 am 1 comment

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