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Sometimes, it’s the little things

Hi, friends!

I am currently up late, icing my knee because it is throbbing. It has been all day. It’s kind of starting to freak me out how much this pain has progressed, so I’m really glad that I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday. A healthy 24 year-old should not have this much knee pain. Blegh.

I kept up and iced last night too, while watching the presidential address.

I didn’t have much energy to make a fancy or involved meal, so I rolled with some gluten free Amy’s mac and cheese. I’m not sure why I had GF instead of regular or whole wheat, but I like rice pasta so it was fine with me! I made a big serving of Brussels sprouts to have on the side. Perfect quick but relatively healthy (as opposed to takeout, which I would have done in this situation in the past!) meal for a takin’ it easy kind of night!


Last weekend I had originally planned on joining some friends over in Michigan to celebrate a birthday on the beach, but the plans were a little too last minute and ended up falling through. I didn’t mind so much though, because my brother and sister-in-law had invited me over to their new apartment in Old Town for some barbecuing, drinks and chillin’ with my parents and my sister-in-law’s parents, who we all get along with very well. It was such a blast — the perfect day :) Sometimes, it’s the little things.

There was lots of food, including Lisa’s (my S-I-L) delicious homemade caprese pasta salad, along with some orzo and quinoa salads as well.

It was so good, I had to actively prevent myself from devouring the entire gigantic bowl she had prepared. Props to the chef!!

While the boys worked the grill, I had some tasty chilled  Riesling.

Before long, Lisa had brought out the fixin’s for the grilled food. Again, I had to watch myself as not to drool all over the food.

The chicken kabobs came out first. I didn’t know they were an option so I hadn’t requested one, but thankfully my mama let me have a bite…or three :)

My brother’s amazing corn recipe came out next. It smelled so good!

By this point, I was ready for the main event — my mouth was watering!

Thankfully, the burgers were ready!

The delicious smells invited some visitors of the canine variety.

That’s Mason, my nephew :) He gets his good looks from his auntie Laura! :)

…Perhaps that’s where he also gets his mischievous and sometimes naughty behavior from…

That’s their neighbor’s dog, Jake. As I snapped a picture of Lisa petting him, Mason decided to make himself the star of the shot. Check out that sneaky little devil!!! What a punk!

After Mason had his own pee incident, more drinks were served.

And I insisted that everyone pose for some more pictures. Say cheese!

Hi, momma!! She looks too cute in my hat :)

My wonderful dad. It’s hard to get him to do a normal smile, so I was thrilled with this picture!

My brother, however, wasn’t as thrilled.

He may or may not still think of me as his annoying little sister :D

Aren’t they such handsome fellas??

Mason came in for some more glamour shots.

He really is too adorable. Tough to photograph, though! Lots of blurry shots, and I had to lure him with the promise of blueberries to get him close enough!!

Our friend Andrew stopped by.

We had some amazing dessert…brownies with fresh berries!

They were so good! I definitely had two or three. Nothing beats summer berries. Well, okay…brownies are a close call!

And as it got darker, a few more drinks were had ;)

All in all, it was the perfect day and evening full of friends, family, laughter, and delicious food. I couldn’t have been happier. Life is good :)

July 27, 2011 at 3:09 am 9 comments

A bit premature?

I hate to jump the gun, especially because I have a tendency to hop back on the bad habits bandwagon every time I see a hint of progress, but I jumped on the scale Saturday after having ignored it for weeks, and voila! I appear to be about ten pounds lighter.

I’m not sure if this may be partially due to my lack of gym time recently (aka muscle turning to mush), my crazy-busy schedule, my tiny (and therefore barely usable) kitchen or just the fact that I am eating less (both intentionally and accidentally), but I find it interesting nonetheless. A huge change has been my conscious effort to watch portion sizes. In a truly un-Laura-like fashion, I’ve been cutting my beloved hamburgers in half and taking the rest home to enjoy as another meal the next day. This is in direct conflict with the little voice in my head screaming, “Eat this entire plate of foooood!! It’s so tasty!! It will make you feel GREAT!”

Does anyone else grapple with this little voice?

(I swear I don’t have beef-induced schizophrenia.)

Great, now I really want a burger. Shouldn’t have looked up that picture…*facepalm*

Anyway, I titled this post “a bit premature” because I don’t want to get ahead of myself. This new “journey,” if you will, is all about creating small, attainable yet challenging goals for myself and achieving them one at a time. Next on my list is to get back into my exercise routine — no easy feat, considering I’ve been out of commission and permitting my extreme laziness in an effort to get over this cold. I know without a doubt that I could have been back at it several days ago, if not far earlier. I am human, however, and let it get away from me. This doesn’t mean I’ve been “bad” or that I’m an awful person…it simply means my mind and body wanted a break for awhile, took advantage of the livin’ made easy, and will need a little extra push to get back into the habits and routine that I know makes me look and feel the best.

The question is — what will this “push” be?

Still too broke to buy some cute new Lulu gear…although I’ve been eyeing this bad boy for quite some time…Not sure how I feel about calling the color “toothpaste” though :/

A few random thoughts and images to occupy your brains on this loverly Monday afternoon…

  • There is a rather interesting debate/comment thread going on over at The Frisky right now. I’ve been a reader for quite some time, and, as many other regular readers may have noticed, their content appears to be going through a transition right now. The site was bought and has been shifting writers, strategy, tone, etc., and their readers have been letting them know in the comments. The site editor, Amelia, wrote a letter from the editor to address some of these issues, and the conversation going down in the comments is really heated. If you’re a regular reader, or even if you’re not, you might want to check it out! The conversation is centering on the expectations of writers/bloggers in regards to nasty comments, criticism, constructive vs nasty, and feminism. Interesting stuff!
  • I like to make silly faces:
  • I spent a good 15 minutes last night packing my breakfast and lunch for the day. This morning, I forgot the best part — the salad! :( Sadz.
  • Tina over at Carrots ‘n Cake is doing a blogger bake sale. Even if you, like me, are not a big sweets person, I’m sure you’ll still find something to drool over — I’m eyeing the soft pretzels!
  • Before moving the other week, I caught Molly snuggling with my teddy bear. Too funny!! (insert crazy cat lady joke here)image
  • I’ve spent a day back “home” at my parents’ house the last two weekends — one for Mother’s Day, one for an ill family member (happy times, sad times). While I was waiting at the train station to head back into the city, I had a lovely view of the adjacent park and the river. Excuse the poor photo quality, but it was still lovely!
  • imageI bought some cute organic mini peppers the other day. And lots of cucumbers. That is all.


Have a great rest of your day, lovelies!!

May 16, 2011 at 1:14 pm 7 comments

Hello world!

shhh...don't tell anyone I'm blogging at work :)

I thought the WordPress-provided title for this post was an appropriate one, so stay it shall! Hello world!

I’ve been wanting to blog for some time now, but haven’t really been able to get the momentum going. I often wonder how bloggers get started….what motivated them to begin writing in the first place, and what words are swirling around in those heads of theirs. I’ve also thought about what I would write if I had one (now I do!)….and what sort of tone it would take. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a potty mouth. Seriously, I’m heavy competition for any sailor-mouth around. But on the other side, I seriously enjoy pretty things: pretty words (hah!), pretty pictures….and overall positivity.

So you know what, we’ll see if I can take on this challenge of combining both — the pretty and the nasty. Maybe my words won’t always be pretty, but at least they’ll be honest.

To answer the question above myself, I was motivated to start writing this because I needed a serious reminder of all the reasons I have to be happy. Lately I’ve been surrounded by some very negative energy, and, as I always seem to do, I began to let myself get bogged down with it. It’s important to remind yourself every day that things will never work out exactly as you hope or plan. You can’t hide out waiting for something bad to pass, or shrink away, hoping you can wait it out.

So on a lighter note, today I wanted to share a few sites I can always turn to when I need a bright spot in my day, or simply a really good laugh. More to come!

bitches gotta eat: Sam is seriously one of my favorite bloggers of all time. Be warned now, she is not for the faint of heart; there are lots of dirty words, raunchy stories, and…er…just a lot of non-pc stuff. But if you can let the raunch slide, or — as I do — revel in it, this is for you. If you look back through her archives there are a few recipes, but this blog focuses more on Sam’s hilarious outlook on life, and can help you take yours a little less seriously.

Peanut Butter Fingers: I just started reading this recently after seeing a link to it somewhere (can’t remember where!) and have gotten hooked. Julie is an adorable 25 year-old newlywed that posts a fun mix of posts detailing her daily (uberhealthy) diet and recipes, pictures of her cute hubby and dog, workout and healthy eating advice, and recaps of her daily life. I think my favorite part about reading PB Fingers is the overwhelmingly positive attitude — sometimes it’s just what I need!

fitsugar: This is a great one to keep open in a tab throughout the day if you need a little pick-me-up while at work. The “Sugar” blogs have lots of categories: Money, babies, food, fashion and more, but this is probably the one I visit most frequently. They update the site pretty regularly, and you can always find fun, easy to digest content about health and fitness. This is a must-check every day for me.

The Frisky: The Frisky is another must-check for me every day. They have nailed the perfect mix between celebrity gossip, feminist rants, sex & relationship advice and mindless, fun links. It’s updated very frequently and has a really cool community of readers. It’s hard not to get sucked into this one, and I guarantee it will have you laughing all day. If you’re sick of Perez Hilton, this is the perfect antidote for you.

That’s all for now! It remains to be seen how often I’ll post here, but I’m hoping it becomes a regular staple. Thanks for reading my first post! :)

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