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Never enough hours in the day [+ pasta rosa verde]

Why, hello there.. *bats eyelashes*

I hope your Tuesday was a lovely one! Mine sure wasn’t, but I’m trying to get myself into bed and move past it…

Remember how I wanted to get plenty of sleep last night? Yeah, that didn’t happen =/ I got caught up making my lunch for today and the stinkin’ pearled barley took for-EVER to cook — even in the rice cooker! After waiting for that to finish, I still hadn’t wound down for bed and couldn’t get myself to go to sleep. I didn’t end up passing out around 2am.

Needless to say, I was tired and a big cranky pants all day.

But I still didn’t work out. What is going on with me? I feel like I’m in a funk :(

At least my lunch was delicious — with the pain-in-the-ass barley (not really, it was super easy) I mixed in some chicken thighs that I popped in the slow cooker with onions, veggie broth and poultry spice on high for about 3 hours. When I reheated it this afternoon, the chicken just fell apart and mixed in with the barley. Super tasty! (Make sure to sneak some of the chicken slow cooker juice though, or else it will be too dry). I also had a side salad. I would have taken a picture, but to be honest, it was pretty boring looking. How about a picture of a puppy instead? ;)

this is what I feel like right now

After work, I had another appointment with my chiropractor’s assistant (or colleague? I’m not really sure of her title) but she does more massage work than the crackin’ stuff. I saw her because I’ve been having issues with my sinuses, and boy did she help. I’m still feeling a little skeptical because I can’t figure out why my health insurance would pay for weekly 30 minute massages…because that’s what these are! Okay…maybe not JUST like a massage, but I always walk away feeling incredible, loose and refreshed. She spent a good amount of time massaging my face [that sounds super weird, doesn’t it?], concentrating specifically on my sinuses and temples — it felt amazing. I was honestly trying not to melt into the table…

As I was leaving, she told me that I need to be wearing a hat when it’s cold out to prevent headaches [I’m not really sure I understand this part.] I laughed and told her my mom would agree with her, to which she responded that I must be the same age as her grandson. The natural jokester that I am (hah), I laughed and asked if he was cute. Apparently that was the magic line, because within seconds she had me writing down my Facebook information and told me she would have him contact me…and she was dead serious! Bahahah! I tried to hold the laughter in and finally burst through the door outside to laugh my ass off….oh my.

Unfortunately when I left to run a few errands afterward, my hair and face were a big greasy mess from the lotion she used. I was a sight to behold, let me tell you…

On the trek back home, the weather dipped a few degrees cooler [and it was already cold, crummy and windy] and started drizzling a bit — just as my tummy was starting to grumble. The icky weather [and relative lack of all things carb/cheese loaded] had me craving something gooey and comforting, but I didn’t want to bust my calorie goals (more on this in a minute), so I decided to play around with a few things hiding in my freezer.


frozen shrimp + frozen broccoli

See my Misto hiding in the background? ;) I sauteed about 3 oz. [this is a complete estimate] of frozen cooked shrimp in some olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt. I know you are supposed to thaw shrimp before heating it, but I always just toss it in the pan — is this bad? I don’t see the point in taking 2 separate steps!


cheese and pasta -- now we're talkin!

After cooking about 3/4 cup of whole wheat rigatoni (my favorite pasta shape, next to orrechiette), I poured 1/2 cup Whole Foods marinara on top and mixed in about an ounce of WF goat cheese, then popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt. I then mixed in about a cup of broccoli florets, mixed it all together and sprinkled some parmesan on top. Oh goody!


I love the combination of colors in this dish — the red and green look so tasty together!


shrimp time

This may not be quite restaurant quality, but it’s close enough, easy as pie to put together, and pretty healthy to boot. Win!

For dessert, I had a few small squares of Green & Black’s 85% cacao dark chocolate and a bit of Malbec rose. I had thought about hitting the gym, but by the time my food had digested, it would have been at least 9pm — and that just sucks.

I talked a bit yesterday about how crummy I am feeling lately about my self image…One of the great things about living in Chicago is all the incredible restaurants + bars that are a hop, skip and a jump away. But that is also one of the worst things about living in Chicago as well — if you go out to eat/drink regularly, you are taking in a lot of extra calories!

I thought I was doing a good enough job keeping my intake in check, but apparently I have not, as I am feeling very uncomfortable in my skin lately. Add to that the jitters of dating someone new, and, have a recipe for anxiety. So, dear friends…I have begun counting calories again.

BLEGH. I despise counting calories. It is so tedious, so time-consuming and so….sucky! I don’t want to know that my favorite foods are veritable calorie bombs because that means I can no longer eat them! But as any “dieter” will tell you, it keeps you accountable for everything you put in your mouth, and therefore it works. I don’t plan on doing it for long, but I feel that right now I need to get my food priorities back in check and re-learn calorie estimation and budgeting so I can still splurge on dates or weekends [or simply when I want to!]

I’ve been using because they seem to have the most comprehensive list of foods. Here is a snapshot from my tally today:

This isn’t my usual intake of calories, but since I am trying to slim down, I’ve set it so I can drop a certain amount of weight per week [whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen]. The thing that I don’t understand is their goals for protein and fiber — why on earth would they imply that it’s bad to get more of those things, especially if you’re trying to lose weight?! I mean, they keep you full + satisfied — how the hell would someone eat a low calorie diet without adequate protein and fiber and still stay full? Kinda makes me laugh…silly Livestrong app, I know more about nutrition than you! ;)

The only reason I’m over on cholesterol is because of the shimpies I had for dinner, and I’m okay with that :)

They just released the Android app for Livestrong’s calorie tracker, but since it is so new it has horrible reviews and costs a whopping $2.99! I think I will wait until they drop the price and fix the bugs, thank you very much!

If all goes according to plan, my original goal of hitting the gym 3x a week (minimum) should do just fine in combination with calorie reduction for weight loss. The real trick now is going to be sticking to the numbers and getting enough sleep.

Speaking of which, lately I am really feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. How do you gals do it, between working full time, errands, gym time, showers/prettying up, dating, friends, cooking dinner, prepping lunch….my head is spinning just writing this. It’s only Tuesday and I feel like the rest of my week is completely planned out, with nary a second to spare =/

More details to come, but some of said plans involve butterflies and pencil skirts.

I’m hitting the sack early for real this time. Night kiddos!

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I attract idiots

That’s the only way I can explain it. I really have no words for that gchat excerpt posted previously. Why someone (who doesn’t know me, mind you) would even deign to think it’s okay to make a joke like that is completely beyond me. Really. What an asshole. Blegh.

Anyway, more pictures to post. I hit up the gym after work but was feeling slightly more lethargic than usual. While my run on the treadmill wasn’t particularly difficult like it usually is, I just didn’t have the patience or energy or something to go on much longer. After 30 minutes on the recline bike, I hopped on the old ‘mill and did a short alternation between running and incline speed walking. I still managed to get in some squats/leg exercises, but they were somewhat pathetic.

I was craving something warm and comforting for dinner, so I had an Amy’s individual margherita pizza, some TJ’s grilled asparagus (YUM) and a glass of blush wine. I haven’t had a single fruit today, so while I was waiting for the oven to heat up, I made a fruit smoothie in my Magic Bullet and threw some vanilla protein powder in to feed my wobbly muscles. I didn’t know that this thing could blend ice so well — it turned my smoothie into the consistency of ice cream and I had to eat it with a spoon! Super tasty.

don't mind the gross post-workout hair

And without further ado, here are some pictures!

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A busy, but decent day

I really should be focusing on work right now…but my brain is frazzled and I’m taking a mini lunch break. I also needed a dose of green tea, so it’s a good time to update!

Remember my wish list last night? Some of my wishes came true! Well…I didn’t make it to LOFT or Banana Republic (although they have a pair of pants that they’ve altered and I’ve been neglecting to pick up for over a week now…eek), but I did get to TJ’s! I decided to rent a Zipcar and pick up some goodies without worrying about lugging them onto a bus. My list was especially long…

lotsa veggies!

Does anyone else write their lists like this? I feel like my mom’s grocery lists are always so organized, sectioned into parts of the store. I just write it down as it comes to mind.

Anyway, I hit the jackpot at the store. We’re talking a 3-digit bill, lovelies. But I got a bunch of stuff that only TJ’s has, and stalked up a fair amount of stuff that I can freeze. I also got some “tuna for cats,” whatever that means, for the kitties. They will appreciate it greatly, I’m sure.

Last night’s dinner was…well…not really dinner. I hit the gym right after work and got in some great cardio on both the bike and finally getting back on the treadmill! I hate running, but I love that it’s a challenge, so it’s difficult to get bored. If I give up…it’s because, um, it’s hard. I have gone through all of the decent reading material stocked at my gym this month, so I decided to watch TV instead, and ended up watching some really stupid show on TLC called “Infidelity” about…you guessed it, marital infidelity. Bleh. Could have done without that. But after cardio, I got in a great set of upper body exercises, and boy am I sore today!

After the gym, I ate a quick PB sandwich to tide me over until later because I had about 15 minutes before my Zipcar reservation! I’m glad I ate before I went to the store because I was already so excited about all the awesome food, I probably would have walked away with twice as many groceries had I been hungry!

I was just a little peckish after getting home and unloading 19,000 pounds of groceries, so I spread some goat cheese and fig spread on some Whole Foods mini whole wheat pitas, and had some nuked asparagus with olive oil, sea salt and garlic powder on the side. Yum!

Because I was feeling so ambitious after my kickass grocery run last night, I made today’s lunch before even going to bed, and I am glad I did! Look at my pretty salad!

I wish all of my meals were this pretty

My salad had some baby Romaine, a sliced red bell pepper, half a sliced cucumber, some tomato-basil Feta, sesame seeds, garlic powder and grape tomatoes. Deeeeelish. I also had a sandwich thin with goat cheese and some sliced turkey and a sliced orange on the side. Since I’ve been working on portion control, I keep challenging myself to eat more slowly, go a little at a time, and most importantly, pay attention to how full I feel after each meal. I think my brain is so programmed to eat huge meals that it doesn’t realize I can fill up on smaller amounts of food. This lunch isn’t tiny, but it’s not huge either, and I was definitely starting to feel full after eating the salad first. A work in progress…

Time to get back to work! Isn’t my mug cute?

break time!



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