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Yeah. So I still drank a bit too much.

lady lush

My date last night doesn’t really deserve a full re-cap. I’m not sure I would recap every single detail anyway, regardless of how a date would go, but this one…well, it just needs to be forgotten.

It’s funny how you can surround yourself with pretty good people and forget that there are still so many pretentious a-holes out there. Hah. No, I don’t want to see a picture of your car on your phone, thank you.

I do have to thank this young man, however, for picking up the tab like a “gentleman” (I use this word liberally here), and treating me to some delicious drinks and food at two very tasty establishments. We first went to Sepia in the West Loop which has a really nifty, old-school vibe. It was also filled with white haired dudes in suits accompanied by much younger ladies, but we’ll leave that be….I had their delicious La Brasileña cocktail to start, then a Two Brothers Cane & Ebel and another wheatbeer, the name of which escapes me. Tasty!

We moved on to Gilt Bar and had some fantastic drinks (corn and oil, anyone?) and shared an even more fantastic meal of pork belly, lentils and brussels sprouts cooked with bacon. I never knew I liked brussels sprouts, but I suppose anything is delicious when drenched in bacon fat. Obviously I didn’t take a picture, but I highly recommend this place! We got to sit at the “kitchen bar” at his request as well, which was a fun experience. I ended the meal with a “dessert” of some sort of blood orange vodka something-or-other that was mixed with crushed ice. It tasted like a Tang slushie for grown-ups, and BOY was it good. That adds up to 5 quite strong drinks at this point, and only having food after drink #4. <—- buzzed girl. The whole meal was quite pricey, but thankfully my date picked up the tab.


After stumbling back home and laughing to myself about what a kooky evening I had, I collapsed into bed (not before knocking over a huge glass of water though!) and crashed. I woke up a few times throughout the night (a common effect of alcohol on your sleep cycle), but thankfully used those little interruptions to chug the (leftover) water I had at my bedside, so I woke up feeling just fine and dandy this morning!

Lunch today was the other burrito I picked up from the store, a HUGE cut up “Plain Jane” cucumber and some red seedless grapes. Boring, but tasty. I actually didn’t bring a lunch, and was going to run to the store (not very good budgeting!), but realized I had the extra burrito stashed in the freezer at work, as well as the grapes and cuke. Meal in a flash!

I wasn’t going to take a picture, but Kara started snickering at my snapping away of something else, so you can thank her for my wonderfully crummy photos :)

too many plates!

I am SO tired of seeing these under my desk every day

Have a great rest of your day!

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Cranky pants

Bleh. I am not in a good mood tonight. And you know the funny thing? I have absolutely no idea why.

Don’tcha hate when that happens?

I stopped at Banana Republic after work today and picked up a few really cute things, but nearly had a heart attack when I got to the register and she gave me my total. Yeahhhh…definitely put a few things back before I let her get her hands on my plastic. I’m sad though, because I had to put back a dress that was absolutely adorable…alas, it was not in the cards this time.

After too much time spent shopping (can someone tell me why J. Crew has neon short shorts and bikinis out already?!), I headed over to the gym, despite the fact that it was late and I was hungry and tired. After getting there, I realized that my iPod had died, and even my phone (which has a radio and Pandora on it) was about to die too…sooo…no music. Maybe that’s why I’m cranky? I tried some leg exercises but my knee was still giving me trouble. I did a quick set up squats and step ups anyway, and tried to take it easy on my poor injured leg (wah wah wah), then did a rather pathetic round of cardio.

And if you didn’t already guess, there was definitely no eggplant tonight. I still kicked ass in the healthy dinner department though.

I had a huge salad with romaine, a sliced up cuke, some tomato and some orange bell pepper, and topped it with a little bit of olive oil, some balsamic, white balsamic, garlic gold and sesame seeds. I also had about 3/4 of a cup of whole wheat penne with some Three Cheese marinara, a sliced up piece of grilled chicken, more garlic gold and freshly grated parmesan.

I underestimated how huge that salad was! I couldn’t even finish it, which is pretty rare for me…heh. I bought a huge bag of organic romaine hearts on sale last week, and although romaine is cost-savvy anyway and was even more so this time around, I just can’t seem to get excited about it. Whenever I want a salad, I want mixed greens — they have more flavor and texture, and I think they simply taste better. They also look a lot more nutritious with so much more green. But alas, money won out this round. And if I’m going to be making more trips like today’s to Banana Republic, I might be stuck on the lentil soup and romaine diet forever…

So, I was completely wrong. The blaspheming burrito is a brand called PJ’s. I suppose on its own it would be fine, but I was expecting my lovely Wild Organics burrito! It just didn’t compare :(


How I “rolled” (heh heh) last week. Too lazy to make a salad.

Over the weekend, I decided to finally try my hand at breakfast quinoa. I used a mish-mash of random recipes on the web and gave it a shot. It was SUPER messy, and I got quinoa and almond milk everywhere. By the way — I had NO idea you had to rinse quinoa — am I the last person to discover this? And how the heck are you supposed to rinse something so tiny?? It turned out pretty delicious nonetheless, and after a generous pour of cinnamon, I added some frozen berries for extra sweetness.

It was a really nice Saturday morning breakfast. Okay, Saturday afternoon.

Lots o’ sunshine coming in!

A rather disappointing, blurry shot of my enormous dinner salad last night:

A truly bad picture, but a truly wonderful salad — even if it did have romaine. Chicken, avocado, goat cheese…the works. Yum. You can only see a little bit of the glass, but I had a tall, icy glass of Two Brother’s Resistance IPA with my dinner. This stuff is GOOD.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the baby cukes I had in my lunch today. I actually don’t think I liked them as much as a regular cucumber, but at least I tried em!

This is not a very good photo either!

That’s it for the photos for now…I am way too tired to put together an outfit for my date tomorrow night, so I think I should just get myself to bed. I’ll probably wear the same thing I always wear (skinny jeans, boots, tank, cardi, long necklace — if you were wondering) and hope for the best. I just want to get up early enough so I have time to make sure I look at least somewhat put together before walking out the door.

Night night…

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London Weather

The foggy, misty, still-icky-but-not-that-cold weather Chicago has been having reminds me of the weather the winter I lived in London. It rarely got below 30 degrees, but most days had some sort of misty/rainy overcast business going on. Surprisingly, I loved it…it felt very, I don’t know, romantic? Either way, this weather is making me miss being in London terribly. I really can’t wait to go back — either as a tourist, or as a resident :)


So despite my gung-ho (hah!) attitude about getting laundry done yesterday, it didn’t happen. I swear, mom, I had a good excuse!

A friend was having a yucky, horrible day, so I arrived with reinforcements in hand — a bottle of wine, lots of hugs, and a penchant for Thai food. I honestly believe that “girl time” and maintaining your female friendships is one of the most important parts of life. Relationships come and go, but when you really need them, your girlfriends are always there.

I was going to skip the gym (again) tonight in favor of laundry, but that seemed counterintuitive (somehow?), so I’m really hoping I can get it done anyway tonight. I’m going to be making an eggplant and celery stew for dinner (recipe here!) because I have both an eggplant and a bag of celery waiting to be used in the fridge (I’m trying to get better about using my groceries and budgeting — can be seen in Tina’s latest post here!), so maybe I can get some of the laundry done while that’s cooking.

Lunch today had to be thrown together from the grocery store (talk about contradicting my goal of budgeting right away, sheesh) because I got home late last night and didn’t have the energy to put a lunch together. It came out really good anyway, though!

I had about 3/4 of a red bell pepper cut up (they were SOOO pretty and on sale for $0.99!), a sliced organic cucumber, some fat-free ranch salad dressing for dipping and my favorite chicken burrito. I normally don’t eat fat-free salad dressings because, aside from tasting bad, I think they’re really silly. Veggies need fat to help you absorb their nutrients, and usually these FF dressings are loaded with sugar and HFCS to compensate for their lack of fat (aka flavor). I think I should have stuck to my guns, because I’m now dealing with a really awful stomach ache, and there wouldn’t be any other reason for it. I actually am wondering if it might be the corn syrup, because I have essentially cut that stuff out of my diet completely. Does anyone else ever have trouble with HFCS sensitivity?

The kitties have been super cuddly lately…perhaps they’re wanting to bundle up because of this weather too. Some shameless Mojo pictures…

why are you taking pictures of me? leave me alone!

okay fine, I'll be cute...but just this ONCE

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