The wild hair

July 6, 2011 at 5:20 pm 5 comments

My dad has this ridiculous phrase he is always tossing after me: “Laura, you’ve got to comb the wild hair growing out of your ass.”

Yes, my dad is ridiculous. And very gross. I’m pretty sure he was the original #shitmydadsays.

What he means with this phrase is that once I get an idea in my head, it’s nearly impossible for me to focus (at least fully) on anything else until I get/do whatever that thing is, or if something else (aka another “wild hair”) comes along.

Well, guys, I have a serious wild hair growing right now, except it’s not just for one thing. I don’t know what my deal is — maybe it’s the warm weather, but it’s like I have this voice in my head screaming, “SPEND! SPEND! SPEND MONEY!” Every day I’m reminded of something else I want or need, but then I remember the sorry state of my bank account, the reason behind my lack of funds being this exact silly voice!

At the top of my list:

A Kindle. This is nothing new — I’ve been ranting and raving all over Twitter and the blog about how badly I want a Kindle. Unfortunately, I have too many unread books waiting for me to justify this expense right now, despite how frequently I read. I’ll probably save this one for my Christmas list.

An iPod touch. I’m pretty sure my full-size iPod was stolen on the train (along with my Michael Kors watch!), but I have a nano and a smartphone, so this isn’t a huge necessity.

A Garmin ForeRunner. Obviously not a necessity either because I’m not a super-serious runner, but now that I know that I can run a few miles without totally dying, I would like to work more on improving my pace and learn more about splits and how different elevations + mileages affects me. This might also have to go on the Christmas list.

Some new clothes and shoes. Because you can’t ever have enough, right? (Wrong). In all seriousness though, I desperately need jeans that don’t have holes in them. Not a pressing issue in the summer, thankfully.

A new pair of running shoes. I love my Mizunos, but I might have to retire them sooner than I had planned because they just feel a bit too big because I’m in between sizes in the Wave Rider’s new release. This makes me sad :(

Lululemon’s Cool Racerback (aka CRB) and Groove shorts. The CRB is brand new and it looks sooo amazing. I’m not big on wearing tanks when I exercise (they make me feel a little too exposed), but this one looks too cute and comfy to resist, plus it’s longer than most wicking tanks, so my ample chest won’t give it the illusion of a midriff top. Their Groove shorts are also amazing.

Some Tarte cheek stain. Cause it’s cute :)

This. No explanation necessary.



New running gear always gets me super excited to hit the gym or the streets, even if it’s something small like a headband. What are you currently coveting?



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  • 1. Hayley @ Hayley Daily  |  July 6, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    That is a pretty solid list of coveted things, I must say. I want quite a few of those as well!

    At the top of my current list is an ipad (really not necessary, lol), a new Macbook Pro (also not entirely necessary, as my macbook is only a year old), a DSLR, and a Kindle.

    Sigh. The life of a poor grad student.

    • 2. Laura @ prettylittlewords  |  July 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm

      I was totally lusting after a DSLR too…so I ended up buying one a few months ago when I TOTALLY didn’t have the money to spend, haha (I was an UNPAID intern…d’oh!). But I bought mine used (gently) off Craigslist — you should look into it, it’s a great investment!

  • 3. Sarah @ Run Sqrl, Run  |  July 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I’m saving for a DSLR right now, haven’t figure out which one I want yet, but I’m still pretty happy with my point-shoot. :)

    The ForeRunner is pretty awesome. I think it’s a really great investment when you start to lengthen your runs as well. I hated using’s route mapping tool. It used to take me the same amount of time to click out my run as it did to actually run the route.

    I guess the thing I’m really lusting after is some new work clothing and shoes. I’m the fussiest shopper in the world and nothing I find is ever exactly what I want. Plus I don’t have anyone to go shopping with! :(

  • 4. Mel  |  July 7, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Totes agreed, this is a great list! I want to have a nom fest at Lululemon one day. ( I’ve only bought other ppl presents from there. What’s your fav thing?) Fortunately I’m in one of those “Ok we’ll shop after the next 5 – 10 lbs” stints blahh.

    • 5. Laura @ prettylittlewords  |  July 7, 2011 at 4:42 pm

      That’s why you shop at Lulu — because everything is stretchy :)

      Fav item is definitely their hi-tech running capris, can’t remember what they’re called. I hate running shorts, so these are my lifeblood.


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