June 30, 2011 at 11:39 pm 8 comments

Well, hello there. *Wink*

After my rough evening last night, I felt like I really treated myself well today.

My lunch went undocumented because I scarfed it up so quickly. Seriously — you gotta make this Greek quinoa salad. It’s easy as pie, keeps well, and tastes incredible!

And for the record, Trader Joe’s organic pea shoots are SO TASTY. They’re like a cross between sprouts and sugar snap peas.

I left work a little early because I needed to get to a doctor’s appointment by 5:15. As I mentioned before, I was dealing with some health issues that were really stressing me out. Well, after today’s appointment, I finally feel like I can rest a little easier.


the view from the beach in Bonita Springs, FL -- my happy place

I’ve always had a lot of moles all over my body, but never really thought much of it. Recently, though, I have noticed that several were oddly colored, oddly shaped, or would get raised or itchy when I would get a sunburn. After silently stressing about it for far too long, I finally went to my doctor and asked her about it, thinking she would shrug it off as nothing.

Unfortunately, she didn’t do that — she told me to make an appointment with a dermatologist right away to have them looked at. I was super freaked out, but didn’t let my fears get too out of control before seeing the derm. Two weeks ago today, I headed to the doctor, unsure of what she would say. After looking at the three or four that I pointed out, she told me that two were unusual looking, but not overtly cancerous-looking. She wanted to remove them anyway and have them biopsied and sent off to a lab to check for cancerous cells.

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys, but I am completely, utterly, absolutely terrified of needles. It’s a legitimate phobia — one that I know is totally irrational, but one that I can’t seem to shake. I’ve gotten much better about it in recent years, but it’s like no matter what my mind says, my body just totally freaks out. What that means? I faint.

Yep, I faint every time I get a shot. So after they injected the lidocaine into the two spots to be biopsied, I laid there patiently in my paper gown, waiting for the procedure to be over, breathing deeply — in and out, in and out. That is, until I started to feel lightheaded…I’ve fainted enough times to know what it feels like before it happens, but let me tell ya — you don’t have much time to get that message across.

Before I could finish my, “I think I feel lightheaded..” sentence, I was out cold.

Oh, and I pissed all over the place.


Yes, let’s just sit here for a second and let that sink in. I peed all over myself and the exam table at the dermatologist’s office.  For the record, I was unconscious, so it wasn’t inentional. I feel lik this is obvious, but just wanted to, ya know, throw it out there. I debated for quite awhile whether I wanted to post about it, since it was pretty embarrassing, but ultimately it was more hilarious than anything. I think the most humiliating best part was having to throw out my underwear, and then being sent home with a pair of bright blue paper underwear, reserved for liposuction patients. In white jeans. My life really should be a sitcom sometimes.

Well, I went back today, two weeks after the pee incident, and received the incredible news that the lab results came back negative, meaning nothing showed up cancerous. One of the moles had “abnormal architecture,” which basically meant it could potentially have turned into something down the road, but it was removed completely so it won’t be an issue. Needless to say, I am so incredibly relieved.



After leaving the doctor’s office feeling like a million pounds had been lifted off my shoulders, I had planned on meeting up with a few friends for drinks and dinner. Sadly, our plans fell through, but I had a serious hankering for pizza since our plan was to hit up Piece in Wicker Park. So… I decided to improvise.


I toasted a FlatOut Wrap in a cookie sheet in the oven for 5-7 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Then I added all the goodies.


And cooked it for 7 minutes or so in the oven at 375 degrees. This bad boy started with some Whole Foods marinara, then I added a hefty layer of baby spinach, some sliced red pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, garlic gold and red pepper flakes.



It was SOOOOOOOOO good. Just what I wanted, and healthy to boot. I didn’t calculate the calories, but now I’m sort of curious. Certainly it’s gotta be better than restaurant pizza, anyway ;)

After taking some time to clean up (but I’m still not even close to being finished) and letting my food settle, I got myself ready for the gym and headed out the door. Unfortunately, the sky was green and I felt a few rogue sprinkles coming down, so I dashed back inside and grabbed my umbrella. The last time we had a big storm, I was unprepared…


hey, baby

I thought I looked too hilarious and SOAKED not to take a picture. Check out those sexy raccoon eyes! ;) Hubba hubba.

Anyway, I got about ten feet down the street toward the gym when it started to pour. The sky turned black and the wind picked up out of nowhere, it was so neat. I love storms, so instead of giving up and going back home, I decided to wait under an awning for the storm to pass, or at least for the rain to slow down. It took a good ten minutes before my umbrella would have even made a difference, so I was really proud of sticking it out and keeping up wtih my commitment to hit the gym.

Because my legs are still having issues (shin splints, IT band and knee pain, blegh), I decided to take it easy and read my new issue of Women’s Health on the recumbent bike for a good 40 minutes, then I hit the elliptical for another ten. By that point, it was actually hailing, so everybody at the gym was just glued to the windows, mouths agape. Let me tell you — this was good motivation to stay at the gym and keep working out! Haha.

I did some wall squats, which I’ve read are easier on your knees and also strengthen your gluteus medius, which is supposed to help with knee pain. I also did some hip raises (I’m pretty sure my hips are super weak because my running gait is all sorts of wrong) and shoulder + chest exercises. Finally, I finished off with a good ten minutes with the foam roller of death. It hurt, but I could tell I needed it badly. I really need to get one of my own for home.

When I got back, I needed a snack and couldn’t figure out what I was craving at first. After looking through the fridge for a minute, I decided to top a toasted Kashi waffle with some whipped cream cheese and a little fig spread, then topped it with a sprinkle of chia seeds. This was beyond delicious — I think I could eat this every day of my life and not get sick of it.


eattttt meeeee

Sorry my pictures are kind of blurry — I’m not quite sure why I’m still so sucky at snapping my food!

Speaking of which, I realized I never posted pictures from my dinner with Allie and Mel at Karyn’s the other night. I had two undocumented (aka too delicious to remember to take their picture) drinks — a caipirinha and a Sazerac, and we shared an arugula, potato and Daiya pizza to start.


I had two slices, and while I’m not a huge fan of Daiya, this was pretty tasty. The heaping mass of fresh arugula really made it fresh and delicious.

For my main meal, I had their “chicken” drumsticks. They were served with barbecue sauce, which was sweet and delicious, and reminded me of Sweet Baby Ray’s, and some spinach and sweet potato hash. I ate the whole thing! The chicken was made out of seitan and was perfectly crispy on the outside, and very “meaty” on the inside. I was surprised by how good they were.


cute little "drumsticks!"

Again, sorry for the blurriness. But how lovely is that presentation?? I think I moved it around a little bit before taking this, so it didn’t look quite as asymmetrical when they first brought it over ;)

Anywho, I’m going to get a little work done, then hop in bed with my book. I’m currently splitting my time between The Hunger Games and More Than It Hurts You. They’re both excellent and I can’t wait to finish them.

Thanks for all your kind words and comments lately — you guys are so great :)


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8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Allison @ PickyEatingRD  |  July 1, 2011 at 10:02 am

    OMG you have had an eventful past couple days girl! Glad everything came back in the clear from your Dr.!!! Have a great weekend!

    • 2. Laura @ prettylittlewords  |  July 1, 2011 at 1:46 pm

      Thanks, girl! Haha yes, it’s been pretty crazy, but glad things have settled down. Have a great weekend yourself!

  • 3. iambu  |  July 1, 2011 at 11:09 am

    This post made me laugh for like 11 minutes. Also, you’re lucky you didn’t get caught in the hail. Ian was out in it and said he picked up a piece the size of a gumball.

    • 4. Laura @ prettylittlewords  |  July 1, 2011 at 1:46 pm

      The entire outside wall of my gym is made up of windows, so when the hail came, it was crashing all over the glass. It was a pretty cool sight.

  • 5. Lafemmeroar  |  July 1, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Yummy pics and I bet even yummier in your tummy :)

  • 6. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions  |  July 1, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    #1 – Those pizza pictures are awesome, and I’m not detecting any blurriness in the waffle one, either. Stop with this sorry nonsense :)

    #2 – I’ve never exactly had a phobia of needles (my phobia is reserved for thunderstorms), but last October I fainted when I got my flu shot. It was the weirdest thing ever. They put a freaking oxygen mask on me because my blood pressure was like nonexistent over this is way too low. I mean, it’s not like I went out of my way to get shots before then, but I never really had that much of a problem with them. Now I’m paranoid, though. That was the opposite of a good experience.

  • 7. Jenn (eating bender)  |  July 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Ok, WOW. I am so glad to hear that everything turned out just fine. I completely hear you on needles and fainting — I am the same way when it comes to blood. Every time I’ve had a significant fall, cut or pin prick, I faint. I can always feel it coming, too, but of course it’s too late. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in the fainting department!

    Also, you made me smile when you mentioned Flatout! I actually run their social media (did we chat about this already?) so whenever I see a fellow blogger using the product, I do a little happy dance. That pizza looks ridiculously amazing.

    Last but not least, I’m so glad to see you ladies had fun at Karyn’s On Green. Please count me in for round two. I truly can’t wait to meet you!

    • 8. Laura @ prettylittlewords  |  July 5, 2011 at 11:55 pm

      That’s so crazy that you faint too! I honestly had no idea that this happened to anyone else, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone :) We’ll have to trade stories when we get together — I guarantee I have some pretty bad ones!

      We did indeed discuss Flatout — I actually bought them at Walgreens because you mentioned it! I had been wanting to try them for awhile but could never find them at Jewel. If you ever, you know, want to have them give me a shoutout via Twitter…well, I wouldn’t mind ;)

      Yes, round two for sure! We’ll have to start thinking about where we want to go!


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