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So remember my embarrassingly self-indulgent sobbing fit the other night?

Well, coming into work the next day wasn’t as horrific as you’d think, because of this stuff.

Fresh cosmetics are so insanely adorable, lovely smelling and insanely fabulous that I regularly find myself lusting over them in Sephora for inappropriately long periods of time. Unfortunately, they’re also quite pricey (what in Sephora isn’t?), so I don’t purchase them as often as I’d like to, but thankfully I tried this stuff on a whim.

I have horrible undereye circles, and even though I was blessed to be spared from super puffy bags, even the slightest bit of puffiness exaggerates the crimson half moons regularly hiding out under my eyes. I know that most undereye treatments are just the winning combination of caffeine + hydration, but hey — it works for a reason, right?

This stuff isn’t magic, and it doesn’t work miracles, but if you’re regularly out or up late (check and check), have spent an evening getting intimate with your pillow and a box of kleenex (check), or just look like shit occasionally (check!), try this eye gel. I’ve gotten into the habit of dabbing a tiny bit on every morning (the bottle is itty bitty but you don’t need to use much), and I swear it takes me from looking like I’ve had 6-7 hours of sleep (dream) rather than 4-5 (reality).

I didn’t have the foresight to take some before and after shots for you (although now I’m thinking I wouldn’t want my nasty, crusty eyes on here anyway), so you’ll have to take my word for it. If you don’t trust me (hey, understandable!), head over to Sephora and chat one of the salespeople up. Often, they will give you a sample of a product you’re thinking about buying but aren’t ready to commit to just yet. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve built up quite a collection of “sample” perfumes of my own doing this…hey, I don’t need an entire bottle of sticky sweet vanilla perfume, but I wanted to try it!

Let me know how this stuff works for you, kittens.


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