Feelin’ like poo

May 5, 2011 at 8:24 pm Leave a comment

not a happy camper

Guys, I am not feeling well today. I actually stayed home from work yesterday because I woke up feeling like I was going to puke, and spent most of the day sleeping — I barely ate (a shocker for me!). At first I thought I was just worn out, but I think I’ve either come down with something, or the (finally) slightly warmer weather is really aggravating my allergies. Either way, I can barely breathe out of either nostril and my taste and sense of smell are pretty much donezo for now.

I honestly believe that I made myself sick because I rarely get sick anymore…Lack of sleep, lack of healthy foods (eating out all the time/lack of fresh, wholesome foods due to moving) and generally just pushing myself too hard has worn down my body, and boy am I feeling it!

To counteract this, I made some mustard-maple chicken with some sauteed Brussels sprouts. Since my taste buds are moot, I added a bunch of red pepper flakes to the maple glaze, and they definitely are helping with the stuffiness.

Hope you had a great day, and enjoy your night!

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