Like a Little Kid

March 2, 2011 at 1:03 pm Leave a comment

Hello there!

I had a lovely evening last night…too lovely…I went on a date! I will spare the details for everyone’s sake, but it completely surprised me (I was not expecting much, considering my last romantic excursion…). I had a blast talking the night away, really enjoyed his company, and even ended the night on a really sweet note. I walked away feelin’ giddy and excited, which really is the best feeling :)

Unfortunately, I tend to lose track of how much I’m drinking when I’m enjoying myself or engrossed in a good conversation, so I ended up drinking four pints of microbrews…You know, the 6 or 7 percent ABV kinda microbrews.


Thankfully I had the, er…”right mind” to eat two little pieces of leftover pizza (hah!) when I got home, as well as provide my future self with a big bottle of water next to my bed, so I didn’t wake up feeling too atrocious. My head did feel extra heavy though and I had an especially hard time waking up. It was a wash my face and throw my hair in a ponytail kinda day…

My lunch today, incidentally, was heavily “inspired” by my lack of A.M. effort. I grabbed a can of soup, PB&J fixins, and an orange. Kara ended up picking up a nanner for me at the store, but my lunch totally looked like a little kid’s lunch.


Although I suppose with the soup, I probably should have had grilled cheese instead of PB&J to make it really authentic,  haha.

The soup was Trader Joe’s organic tomato bisque. I really want to like the stuff and it’s not half bad (it’s not even too salty!), but it’s too sweet! There is something really unnerving about sweet tomato soup..I think it starts to taste like ketchup at a certain point. This stuff was still pretty good though, and certainly worked in a pinch. I would have had my famous green-filled mushy soup, but I finally finished off the last of it yesterday :)

The sandwich was two smallish pieces of whole wheat bread, Skippy Natural and Trader Joe’s fruit spread. I LOVE this stuff and won’t really eat any other kind of “jelly.” It actually tastes like fruit!

Off to finish the second half of the workday, then I’ve got a fun workout planned for the evening. I’ve started a new routine recently, and  I can’t wait to share the details with you! Have a great afternoon!


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Fast food Avo-goat-o + dabbling in veganism

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