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Well friends, I think there is only one way to sum up my excitement at this moment.

a picture is worth a thousand words...or a really ugly hat

You may have a few questions. What am  I excited about and thanking you for? Why do I have fake freckles? Why am I wearing a PBR hat with puffy red sleeves?

All very good questions. Wouldn’t you love to just have me wearing weird clothing items all the time though?

(Okay, it was a very mixed-up Halloween costume.)

Anyway, this weekend my little bloggy here just surpassed 1000 views! I know this may seem like a pretty lame milestone, but to a newbie like me, its vurrrrrrry exciting. I just wanted to thank all of my readers — one time and repeat offenders — for checking out the weird things I have to say and tasty things I like to eat. It means the world, and I can’t wait to continue sharing all sorts of fun goodies with you :)

As for the surprise I had mentioned earlier (and my dear cube-mate/friend Kara is going to kill me for this…), I got a new camera!

I was disappointed with the quality of my point-and-shoot pics, and due to a…er, cat-related incident, the PAS was on its last legs anyway. I’ll still be using my camera phone and PAS from time to time when I can’t use the big guy, but once I get my compact flash card reader in the mail, look for some fun and much better quality photos!

As for the camera…its a Canon Rebel EOS DSLR. I bought it used because I’m in no way a photog pro, so I figured started with something used and a little cheaper would be a good way to try my hand at photography. I can’t wait to experiment…and if anyone has any amateur photog tips (especially food), feel free to send em my way!

Since I’m so excited about the new camera, I have sort of taken a break on taking pictures because they just don’t look as neat unless they’re from the DSLR :) Stay tuned!

On another note, there is a serious problem at hand: I have taken a break from oatmeal! I love me some oatmeal, but I ran out and haven’t been able to get to the grocery store in awhile…so instead, I’ve been noshing on Kashi GoLean Crunch (my favorite cereal ever) with some unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze. Good stuff!Refrigerated Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened

I usually prefer the unsweetened stuff (lower cal, no sugar!) but accidentally bought the sweetened kind this time around. Maybe I’ll be able to skip the stevia in my smoothies at least?

Will have to make a stop at the store this week and pick up some more oatmeal for my desk drawer though…my mornings just don’t seem the same without my oats!

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Again, thank you everyone for your comments, page views and overall support — so excited to have passed the 1000 mark!


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