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Hello friends! It’s been awhile and I apologize; my epic snow-blogging experience took quite a bit out of me (okay, perhaps it was the being sick part and not so much the blogging). Nonetheless, I just somehow couldn’t find the motivation to write anything decent for y’all.

Post-snowpocalypse, my week was still somewhat busy. Since I was out of commission for a full workday mid-week, I felt behind and really rushed to make my deadlines by the end of the week. Luckily I was given some (much-needed) leeway due to the storm and my illness, but that didn’t make missing deadlines feel any better.

Let’s get crackin’

Another unfortunate consequence of being sick last week was being unable to get to the gym. All things considered, the timing was probably perfect, as right before my food poisoning/flu/mystery illness hit, I began having some pretty painful recurrences of a knee problem. Although I’ve seen a doctor and a physical therapist for this knee pain, no one can really seem to figure out what it is or what is causing it. Several doctors have suggested IT band issues, but I had read that IT band-related knee pain is usually on the side of the knee, while my pain is throughout the kneecap and on top. It’s also very sharp and painful, and occurs when I’m going up or down stairs, or putting a lot of weight on it (treeking through a snow drift, for example).

Recently, though, I read about Tina’s (from Carrot’s ‘n’ Cake) struggles with her IT band (seen here and here) and decided to try again, and this time with a chiropractor as she did. I’ve seen a chiropractor before so I knew that I enjoy and believe in their practice. My insurance plan is somewhat picky though, so instead of looking a practitioner up on my own, I took the less-than-ideal approach of asking my insurance for the name of someone nearby. I looked her up to make sure she wasn’t a nutjob, then called and make an appointment for Saturday morning. (It was initially for Wednesday night, but a certain snowstorm got in the way of that.)


This lady was certainly not the sort of chiro I was used to….I showed up, and her office was much more low-key than my last doctor, who had a very medical-office feel to his practice. This felt almost like it was set up in the back room of someone’s home, which made me nervous at first, but I gave it a shot. She explained to me that she has a very hands-on approach and believes strongly in deep tissue massage. For those unfamiliar with this, it translates to pain.


After I slipped into the standard issue backless/assless robe, she lubed me up with some baby oil straight outta the bottle (WHAT?) and got to work on my back and neck. Ow ow ow ow ow OW was all I could think the entire time — this lady meant BUSINESS! She told me that my right shoulder is ridiculously tight (duh) along with my neck, and that the alignment in my spine around my bra strap is also off (also duh). The duh’s are because a) I’ve seen a chiro before, and b) a friend of mine was in chiro school for awhile and enjoys adjusting me regularly :)

After some quick discussion about what was causing me problems (IT band), she sent in another woman who I hadn’t seen up to this point. She had a heavy Eastern European accent and asked me to point to where I was having pain, then disappeared for a minute only to return with an anatomical chart telling here where to apply pressure depending on which body part was experiencing pain.

At this point, I was thinking “Woah, woah woah — when did this become an open-book exam? Why do you need notes?!” I was confused and completely nervous, but once she started working me over, it became apparent she knew what she was doing. And again, let me repeat — this means PAIN. She started massaging my IT band and  literally had me writhing on the table in pain. She apologized and assured me that if the pain was a 5/10 I should tell her to stop. (Nevermind the fact that I have no idea how to distinguish this — all I felt was PAIN or no pain. How do you put, “OW, that fucking HURTS!” on a 1-10 scale??). I knew enough to know though, that if it hurt this badly, then it was badly needed. She then got to work on another painful spot on the inside of my knee, then one near my hip (she said my hip muscles are seriously shortened from sitting at a desk all day….I wish there was something I could do about that…)and finally, my personal favorite of the day — my GLUTE.

Yep, she massaged my ass. And it tickled. And hurt. And felt weird. I wonder how many other people have started laughing during this process? I hope I’m not the first.

Anyway, they sent me along assuring me that I would probably be somewhat sore the next day. And she was right.

I’ll be seeing them again, and I could feel some improvement in my knee already, so I’m hoping this will continue to help — otherwise, I have no idea how to fix this knee pain. I’ll also be using the foam roller on my IT band on my own, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out!

Aside from my chiropractic adventure, my weekend was mostly low-key. I spent some time reading, sleeping in, hanging out with the kitties and watching old movies. It was a little boring, but I think my body needed the rest. As did my wallet =/

I totally didn’t watch the Super Bowl.


Last week, I was seriously disappointed because the nearby grocery store (where I usually pick up a quick lunch if I haven’t packed anything) was out of stock of my favorite chicken burrito, so I picked up the closest equivalent. I’ll post a picture later, but it was Ian’s something-or-other, and it looked about the same, so I didn’t think twice. Bad move, because this bad boy was SIGNIFICANTLY less healthy! Gah! More calories (by almost a hundred!), more sodium, more everything. Not good. And it didn’t taste anywhere near as good either!

Thankfully, they had them back in stock today, so I made sure to grab two :) Along with my seriously-missed burrito, I had some baby cucumbers and a banana and an icy glass of Dr. Zevia.

Last night, I made a very un-orthodox trip to Whole Paycheck and picked up some goodies that I’m far more excited about than I should be. I also grabbed some pre-cooked rosemary chicken breasts and used one on a huuuuge dinner salad last night.

I’d love to share some pictures, but I can’t get my camera/phone to cooperate at the moment. Look for them tonight, as I will also be updating with 1) whatever I decide to do with a looooverly eggplant I picked up for dinner, and 2) what I should wear on an upcoming…wait for it…DATE! Tomorrow! Too little time to prepare, gah!

Adieu for now!


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