Well, it really happened

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In the classic “boy who cried wolf” story, we were all fooled. After storm after storm has been over-exaggerated by the weather crew, us hardy Chicagoans barely blinked at the thought of this impending epic storm, quickly nicknamed “Snowmageddon” and “Snopocalypse” by the social media inner circles.

Unfortunately, this time…well, they weren’t exaggerating.
There were apparently more than 700 cars abandoned on the snowy, impassable Lake Shore Drive. Quite a few of my friends posted pictures on Facebook Wednesday morning standing on the eerily, near-deserted street. The real kicker, of course, was the snow.

Abandoned bus (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / February 2, 2011)Abandoned (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / February 2, 2011)Stuck in the snow (Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune / February 1, 2011)

images via ChicagoNow

Yeah…things got preeeeeeetty bad. I heard that people had to have their cars towed (for free, at least!), and couldn’t find them the next morning! On my way home from work (at 3pm!) I snapped a shot of the crazy traffic trying to make it home before SNOWMAGEDDON…

This is one of the many reasons I’m glad I sold my car and take public transportation :)

Visibility only went downhill from there. It got bad, kiddos. We’re talking about thundersnow! I have never ever seen or heard anything like this, but there was thunder and lightning accompanied by massive white-out snow and 60-70mph winds. Safe from the warmth and comfort of my apartment, it was very exciting.

That is, until the power went out.

Yep, I lost power in a blizzard. Thankfully, I have lots of warm clothes, a heavy down comforter, too many candles and two very cuddly kitties. All kept me warm and safe in my bed until the power came on about two hours later. It was still quite adventure though! For awhile, we had no idea when it would be coming back on, and I was more than a little worried.

Unfortunately, the night only got crazier from there. I had been feeling sick since the bus ride home — mostly feeling nauseous. I just figured it was nerves or something, so I ignored it. Excited to have a (nearly guaranteed) snow day the next day, I hunkered down on the couch with a glass of wine and some frozen pizza (cooked, of course!) and chowed down. After the lights went out, I hopped into bed and realized my stomach was NOT happy. I made a few false-alarm trips to the bathroom, but with no, er, “results,” I figured I was fine and just nervous. But then…

BLARF. I puked my guts (and a whole lot of pizza) up. Sorry for the graphic image, but it was a lot worse than it sounds. Out of nowhere, I felt absolutely horrible. My temperature spiked and some nasty body aches settled in…Needless to say, my evening off was suddenly much less fun.

After getting sick(er) a second time and a very rude run-in with my (very rude) roommate, I settled into bed with a garbage can on one side and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” on my laptop on the other. Shortly after, I passed out.

Since I wasn’t sure how my stomach would take to any medicine, I couldn’t take anything to bring my fever down the next morning. It had gone up a bit since the night before, but thankfully I received word that we had the day off work. I spent the entire day, more or less, huddled in my bed/fort with reinforcements like ginger ale, three different remotes, the latest issue of Glamour and the kitties by my side. It sort of looked like this:

Yeah…I’m not sure how that’s comfortable either. Where is Mojo’s head??

Thankfully, I felt SO much better this morning, which makes me think that this was a case of food poisoning. I read somewhere that any sort of “flu” you get suddenly but goes away just as suddenly is usually a case of food poising. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m already a headcase about salmonella and food safety, so this is going to make me even more nervous!

Anyway, here are some shots from my walk to work this morning.

And last, but not least — someone built a snowman!


A friend is on her way over to cheer me up, as my spirits are in need of a lift after a full day spent sick in bed. We’re aiming for $5 burgers and a beer or two — just what the doctor ordered :)


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