Why you need an alarm clock that wakes you up

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This morning was a rough one. I completely slept in, and the worst part? I didn’t even hear my alarm clock! What is going on with me…?

To be (somewhat) fair, I was quite busy last night and crossed a lot off on my productivity to-do list. And while bed by 1 is late, it’s not too unusual, and certainly not grounds for waking up late for work. Had to take a cab instead of my usual bus…and that’s $15 down the drain. Gulp. Lesson learned…I hope.

Tina at Carrot’s ‘n’ Cake had another great post today in her Grocery Shopping: 101 series. It’s on unit price — be sure to check it out!

I finally got my pictures together and ready to go, so look for a post tonight with some fun pictures of meals the last few days. Lunch today was just as I had predicted — delicious! I had the rest of my leftover eggplant and celery stew, a side of brown basmati that I whipped up last night in my rice cooker, and a side of cut-up veggies to munch on. I am QUITE full — all with no meat! I love meatless meals :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that I made one more modification to my stew recipe — I added a pinch each of cumin and chili pepper! It made the whole dish taste a bit more Indian, but since I only used a little, the cumin wasn’t overpowering as it can be sometimes. Added just enough depth and flavor to an already fantastic dish, and the chili pepper kept me interested with each bite.

Sadly, I ate alone at my desk today because my lunch companion/work buddy is out of the office for some not-so-fun doctor appointments. I’m missing her terribly! Work isn’t the same without ya, Kara! Sending good wishes your way today.

I have a busy afternoon at work ahead, and then I’m meeting some friends afterward for tacos in Pilsen. Then we’ll be heading to a reading to see one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Sam from Bitches Gotta Eat. Can’t wait!


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