Late night snackin’!

January 20, 2011 at 12:13 am Leave a comment

I was up late, as usual, and was craving something sweet — not usual! I am a big salty snack/food kinda girl and would easily choose cheese fries (or anything with cheese, really) over a candybar. Sweets have never really appealed to me, so I’ve never really understood how people can eat those gross, overly sweet candybars. Blegh!

Alas, my craving was for something sweet…but not overly sweet. Suddenly, it occurred to me…

yin and yang!

I had to fight the urge to utter a Rachel Ray “YUM-O!” while snackin’ on this bad boy. I toasted a piece of Earth Grains bread, spread some almond buttah on it, cut it in half, drizzled one half with honey and the other with some Hershey’s Dark syrup. HIT. THE. SPOT.

Dinner tonight was in a huge rush because I had to squeeze in a trip to the gym, a brisk walk home, a quickie change, food and then head out the door to a doctor’s appointment. Fortunately (this is a relative term), I had cooked up a HUGE batch of beef brisket earlier in the week for a certain someone who didn’t show up. So I have this huge tupperware in my fridge (seriously, it’s gigantic) full of delicious, delectable slow-cooked brisket. I was going to freeze it and use it for lunches/dinners sporadically throughout the month, but I realized tonight I could make a quickie dinner in 5 minutes. Comment if you want the recipe — I made it up from about 3 or 4 that I found online, and it was killer!

I nuked about 3 oz. of the good stuff, split it up between 2 whole wheat tortillas, topped them with some Fage FF plain Greek yog, butter lettuce, shredded cheddah, hot sauce and salsa. YUM. I ate one right then and there hovering over the kitchen counter and wrapped up the other to eat on the walk to the train station. I should have eaten it at home too, because I got it all over me on the walk! Oh well, it was delicious.

I needed some veggies still though, so when I got home I nuked some of Trader Joe’s frozen grilled asparagus (which is AMAZING if you haven’t tried it…omg, yum) and drizzled it with a smidge of olive oil and sea salt. It was heavenly and a perfect way to round out my (drawn out) meal.

Time for bed!

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