Boats of Oats

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I have to giggle sometimes, because if you’re a regular (or even occasional) reader of heath and fitness blogs, you’ll see that us crazies are crazy about oats. Especially with those dedicated ladies who regularly photograph their meals, oats for breakfast seem to be the golden standard. They’re not fooling around either; Angela over at Oh She Glows is famous for her vegan overnight oats, while Naomi at One Fit Foodie and the Fitnessista make the most amazing combination of stove-cooked oats. I am not a morning person, so as much as I like the “real” kind, it’s gotta be instant for me.

I am seriously obsessed with Better Oats “Oat Revolution” line of instant Oatmeal. I first saw it in a blog or magazine about the best packaged foods (probably Women’s Health) and had to try it because…well, the shape of the box was neat. For reals.

This stuff is so insanely good though – I actually get sad when I run out and have to eat my Kashi backup stash instead! And I love Kashi!

My favorite is the Cinnamon & Spice flavor (my cube-mate always comments about how good it smells), but they have soooo many flavors that I’m dying to try out more of them. My grocery store usually only carries a few of the standard flavors (and they’re so incredibly cheap — usually about $2!!), but after drooling over their website for an inappropriate period of time, I need to try out their RAW Cinnamon Plum Spiced, their Blueberry Muffin and most of all — their Naturals Dark Chocolate. No idea where I can track this stuff down (Amazon has it but the shipping is nutso), so I hope I run into it somewhere.

I was wondering where this wonderful and seemingly out-of-the-blue product came from, and interestingly, it looks like it’s a Malt-O-Meal brand. Who knew!

There is also a similar-looking brand I haven’t tried yet called Three Sisters that I would also really like to find & try out. The picture of their Dark Chocolate flavor is making me a little weak in the knees. Both Better Oats and Three Sisters have this neat environmentally-friendly packaging that reduces waste, and the packets of oatmeal have a measuring line on them, eliminating the guesswork in adding the water. Genius!

be still, mine heart


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Packages! Finally, some REAL pictures!

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