A busy, but decent day

December 29, 2010 at 2:41 pm Leave a comment

I really should be focusing on work right now…but my brain is frazzled and I’m taking a mini lunch break. I also needed a dose of green tea, so it’s a good time to update!

Remember my wish list last night? Some of my wishes came true! Well…I didn’t make it to LOFT or Banana Republic (although they have a pair of pants that they’ve altered and I’ve been neglecting to pick up for over a week now…eek), but I did get to TJ’s! I decided to rent a Zipcar and pick up some goodies without worrying about lugging them onto a bus. My list was especially long…

lotsa veggies!

Does anyone else write their lists like this? I feel like my mom’s grocery lists are always so organized, sectioned into parts of the store. I just write it down as it comes to mind.

Anyway, I hit the jackpot at the store. We’re talking a 3-digit bill, lovelies. But I got a bunch of stuff that only TJ’s has, and stalked up a fair amount of stuff that I can freeze. I also got some “tuna for cats,” whatever that means, for the kitties. They will appreciate it greatly, I’m sure.

Last night’s dinner was…well…not really dinner. I hit the gym right after work and got in some great cardio on both the bike and finally getting back on the treadmill! I hate running, but I love that it’s a challenge, so it’s difficult to get bored. If I give up…it’s because, um, it’s hard. I have gone through all of the decent reading material stocked at my gym this month, so I decided to watch TV instead, and ended up watching some really stupid show on TLC called “Infidelity” about…you guessed it, marital infidelity. Bleh. Could have done without that. But after cardio, I got in a great set of upper body exercises, and boy am I sore today!

After the gym, I ate a quick PB sandwich to tide me over until later because I had about 15 minutes before my Zipcar reservation! I’m glad I ate before I went to the store because I was already so excited about all the awesome food, I probably would have walked away with twice as many groceries had I been hungry!

I was just a little peckish after getting home and unloading 19,000 pounds of groceries, so I spread some goat cheese and fig spread on some Whole Foods mini whole wheat pitas, and had some nuked asparagus with olive oil, sea salt and garlic powder on the side. Yum!

Because I was feeling so ambitious after my kickass grocery run last night, I made today’s lunch before even going to bed, and I am glad I did! Look at my pretty salad!

I wish all of my meals were this pretty

My salad had some baby Romaine, a sliced red bell pepper, half a sliced cucumber, some tomato-basil Feta, sesame seeds, garlic powder and grape tomatoes. Deeeeelish. I also had a sandwich thin with goat cheese and some sliced turkey and a sliced orange on the side. Since I’ve been working on portion control, I keep challenging myself to eat more slowly, go a little at a time, and most importantly, pay attention to how full I feel after each meal. I think my brain is so programmed to eat huge meals that it doesn’t realize I can fill up on smaller amounts of food. This lunch isn’t tiny, but it’s not huge either, and I was definitely starting to feel full after eating the salad first. A work in progress…

Time to get back to work! Isn’t my mug cute?

break time!




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