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Hi everyone!

I hope you have returned safely from the holidays (whether it was from a family member or loved one’s home or simply the couch) and were lucky enough to have great company and delicious food to satisfy your soul as well as your tummy.

I’m sad to say I’m back at the office this week, although I’m still lucky enough to have a short week with Friday off. I wasn’t aware that “grown-ups” had this week off, but judging from quite a few Facebook statuses, I was wrong! I’m quite jealous :(

Buuuuuut, today is still better than most Mondays because I have started my new job! The company I’ve been working for promoted me to a new role. I was initially supposed to begin my new duties after the new year, but they were so ready for the extra help that it was pushed up to today! Very exciting. And if you’re wondering, no, I’m not blogging on the clock — it’s my lunch break! :)

So speaking of lunch, I thought I would share a little dilemma that I run into from time to time, and have been working around ever since I’ve worked in an office setting. I usually walk to our local supermarket (which is only about a block away) once or twice a week on my lunch break to get a quick and health-focused shopping trip in. I went today because I needed to pick up a set of fancy highlighters (I’m oh so special!) and figured it couldn’t hurt to grab a few more pieces of fruit.

I bought less than I usually do (although I was really glad I remembered that I needed cereal for home!) and got a few bananas, some oatmeal to keep in my desk and some deli meat to go with the rest of the sandwich fixins’ I had for lunch. Unfortunately when I got back, I realized I didn’t have bread for my sandwich! I usually leave it in the fridge here, but it must have been tossed out or inadvertently came back home with me. Either way, I was stumped — what’s for lunch now??

Luckily, I have been in this situation enough times to have a backup plan (I’m quite possibly the most forgetful person on the planet. Really, I lose everything), and I had a few of these stashed in my drawer:


With the addition of a tasty baby Romaine, feta and grape tomato salad, a slice of the deli turkey I bought (consumed while waiting for the soup at the microwave!) and some of my faaaavorite citrus fruits ever (below), I ended up with a healthy, balanced lunch despite my little hiccup.

cute AND easy to peel!

I’ve learned that no matter where you work, or how good you think you are about packing a lunch, always always always keep a few healthy snacks, breakfast items and quick lunch substitutes in your desk drawer or office space. It can make a big difference in your day and also protect your wallet! Just think — if you forget your lunch one odd day, you can have rich, tasty, CHEAP soup instead of ordering a so-so sandwich from Jimmy John’s. Save your splurges for times when you can really enjoy them — not when you’re sitting in front of a computer screen.

Some examples from my desk: bananas (I buy them super green so they stay longer), Oat Revolution instant oatmeal packets (the pouch serves double duty as a measuring cup so you’ll never have mushy, watery oatmeal again!), walnuts, black bean soup, and — a new one as of today — Justin’s nut butter packets. I haven’t tried it yet, but they come in lots of tasty different flavors, are portion-controlled, and run between 70 and 99 cents a pack! I bought one each of honey flavored almond and peanut butter. Should go nicely with my honeycrisp apple for a snack. Yum!

they were out of chocolate at the store :(

I’m a little disappointed with my workouts over the past week, but have a fun, new inspiration to get me moving again (more on that later…). Adieu for now!


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